Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You can go as far as your dreams can take you

You Can Go as Far as Your Dreams Can Take You
If you can reach out, you can hold on.If you can imagine, you can achieve.
If you just begin, you can continue.Search within, and you'll find a reasonto believe...
If you can get involved, you can make it happen.
If you can give, you will be rewarded with the taking.
If you can climb, you can climb even higher.
Envision it; your success is in the making.
If you trust the winner within you,you will win.
If you can keep your courage, you will go so far.
If you follow your ambitions, your coursewill guide youtoward a ladder that you can climb to your stars.
If you don't put limits on yourself, you can alwayskeep striving.
You might amaze yourself with whatyou discover you can do.
If you want to reach out for happiness,don't ever forget these words:You can go as far as your dreams can take you.
- Collin McCarty

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