Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dream poems

My dear dream

Dream of sea, Dream of ships, Dream of huge ocean, Dream of men in unifom Its my dream, dream so different, Dream so new, dream of dark sky up above, Dream of sea so calm, dream of sea roaring, Its my sweet dream.Dream of men in white, in white applet, Dream of be one with them, Dream so sweet, wonderfull, specail, close to my heart, Its my sweet dream.Dreaming to get my dreams happen.Its my sweet dream.
- janet kavitha

Escape into the mind...a fantasy

I have a dream. My dream is a dream of purest fantasy. A dream that can only be dreamt by one who is deeply asleep. I dream this dream frequently and I'm sure there are many others who share this dream also. My dream takes me higher than the clouds, further than the horizon and faster than a gale force wind. I dream exuberantly and breathtakingly and I always wish never to escape from it because it is such pure ecstacy. Sadly, though, as with all ends with a yawn and a stretch and a moment's sadness that it was JUST a dream and that is almost the beauty of it.
-Sally Clarke

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